AtiQx and dormakaba Holding AG

Atimo is part of AtiQx which is powered by dormakaba Holding AG.



Atimo has been an innovator in the field of Hour Management, Planning & Access Control Management for over 25 years. Our software and almost all hardware is developed entirely in-house. Where necessary, we can also supply hardware from our selected partners.

Our applications have such a structure that enables our customers to facilitate multiple branches/countries from one application. National and/or local regulations and language independence are guaranteed.


At most competitors the time management software is hard-coded. By contrast, Atimo has a flexible basic solution that is customized and focused on your wishes. Our solution is designed so that it can be easily configured for all countries using formulas and arrangements. For instance, there are users of the Atimo application who use 24 CLAs (cross-border) in one single application.

We are established in the Netherlands (Utrecht). Our principal establishment in Utrecht has a Customer Care department for this purpose. From this department the (business) consultants provide in addition to first-line, also second- and third-line support.

Over the past years our business and strategy have become increasingly more international. The growth and further professionalization have contributed to the increase of the market share in Europe.


For example, some of the countries that are facilitated by our solution, each with its different CLA, are:

  1. Belgium
  2. Germany
  3. France
  4. UK
  5. Spain
  6. Italy
  7. Greece
  8. Slovakia
  9. Poland
  10. Japan